75 Clarence St
Port Macquarie
Fully licensed
02 65838001

Being situated in one of the best locations in Port Macquarie is just one of the features of our restaurant. We have been established for just over 5 years and our popularity is growing.
It is our ambition to provide a unique dining experience with our traditional style of Thai cuisine.
Local produce is a key element to creating good food. We could not be in such a great location overlooking the water and fishing boats and not use local fish, king prawns, oysters, crabs and other seafood from the local suppliers.
Our meat is personally delivered by Walcha Prime Meats which ensures quality and consistency.
We make every dish as authentic as we can without compromise.
Quality ingredients is essential in creating fresh and tasty dishes.
We offer many dishes which can be Gluten Free and of course the only MSG we put in is Mekong Super Goodness.

Mekongs chef and owner, Dang comes from the north east region of Thailand known as Isaan. This area is renown for producing some of the best chefs in the country with Dang being no exception. She comes from a family of creative cooks.
True Thai is more an art than a learnt discipline. Good cooks create from the heart and produce food unique to their style and region.

Too many Thai restaurants alter their food to suit what they believe is the market they are appealing to. This may have been the situation some years ago but now it is different as so many travel to Thailand and experience the real taste of Thai.
Asian food in Australia should be every bit as good if not better than what you might get overseas as we have access to a large range of quality produce.

The food we produce is of quality equal to and if not better than the best you might find anywhere.

We look forward to offering you a unique dining experience.

Dang and Co.

02 65838001


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